King Veeno is an artist in every sense of the word. Very few artist have elements of his charisma, versatility and his uncanny ability to make hit records. 

Born in Sierra Leone the hitmaker grew up in poverty and his family migrated as refugees to Australia where a shy young Veeno would write short stories & poetry to give to his school yard crushes. 

Discovering his father's collection of CDs introduced him to the world of Rap and he began studying legends such as Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem and plenty more. In less than a year he amassed a large collection of songs which he would share around his school and which would eventually spread around neighbouring schools. 

The release of his viral hit "Paradise" brought him attention from fans, labels and notable influencers. This opened doors for Veeno to start performing and opening for stars including US artist Kid Ink.  As time would go on he would release many singles and freestyle feeding the fans hunger to want an official album which Veeno delivered with the highly successful  'Careless Livin' which spawned hits such as 'Hold Up', 'Trippin' & 'DTF' and many other fan favourites. 

In 2019 Veeno announced an untitled upcoming project that has been buzzing through snippets & leaks on social media. The first single titled 'Hello' which features boisterous production from long time producer Red Planet and catchy lyrics  intertwined with melodic chorus has cemented this young hitmaker as a King at his craft. 

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